Awards & Accolades

Intas Animal Health’s journey is embellished with glittering accolades of leadership, organizational excellence and meaningful contributions to the Veterinary fraternity at large. Every award and accreditation reinforces our mission, rejuvenates our passion and empowers our ambition to redefine the contours of animal healthcare, relentlessly.

Intas Animal Health bagged the prestigious ‘Animal Pharm Global Excellence Award’ in 2007, which is a mark of global distinction and honour and a testament to our uncompromising commitment to Animal Healthcare sector.

We were bestowed this award due to our unique and progressive Corporate Social Responsibility (Scientific Initiative ) initiatives undertaken across four multiple spheres, viz. Polivet Journal, Neomec Project Shiksha. These initiatives have helped take Animal Healthcare to the farmers’ doorstep and recognize the outstanding contribution of veterinarians, which has benefited the animal wealth of country and associated human resources.

This global accolade holds special significance, as it was the year we commemorated the 10th anniversary of our presence in the Animal Healthcare landscape. The award was presented by Animal Pharm, a prestigious international agency that rewards excellence in the World Animal Health and Nutrition industry.