Intas Animal Health is committed to leverage its knowledge of science and healthcare acumen to enable impactful and sustainable change in society at large through various CSR initiatives. Each of these progressive initiatives is a testament to our continued focus and unflinching dedication to enrich the lives of millions of animal owners, veterinarians and stakeholders across the global animal healthcare landscape.


Polivet is a half-yearly journal dedicated to Veterinary Profession and Animal Healthcare. It was launched in 1998 with an aim to empower the Indian Veterinary fraternity. The journal collates vast canvas of articles and applied research on practical field conditions and experiences documented and published by field Vets and experts from research institutes.

The core aim of Poilivet is to equip the practicing Vets with latest knowledge across species and develop meaningful linkage between Veterinary professionals, research institutes and industry to enrich the lives of animal owners. What differentiates Polivet from other journals is innovative, informative and interesting spectrum of subjects curated to equip the reader to face the challenges in day to day field practice.

Polivet serves as readily accessible medium for disseminating practical knowledge that helps Veterinarian to implement recent techniques in animal health, production and disease control.


“Shiksha” word is derived from Sanskrit, meaning “to learn or study”.

Project Shiksha is a progressive initiative aiming to empower underprivileged Veterinary undergraduates across all Veterinary colleges in India. This scholarship is granted to needy and deserving Veterinary students. This noble scholarship complements every student’s education needs like textbooks, journal subscriptions and related academic material. The scholarship amount is distributed on World Veterinary Day in April, every year. So far, 108 Veterinary students have benefited through this programme.


Anmol Bandhan is the title under which we build awareness and uplift knowledge and field capabilities of Veterinarians, improve animal healthcare through educative and diagnostic camps, and address the need for better productivity at farmer’s level. We also actively reach out to the budding Vets through knowledge-based inputs.